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Rethink Pizza

With pourable cream cheese. Featuring the Winning Chefs from our StarChefs 2020 Competition!

Cream cheese has been around since the early 1800’s in one form or another, growing from small dairy producers made on the farm for local consumption to what we have today, which is now a USDA Standard of Identity product produced by a handful of cheesemakers in the millions and millions of pounds annually.

My position as the Research and Development Chef for one of those producers, Savencia Fromage and Dairy, has provided me with infinite experiences with all the ways cream cheese is utilized. Up until now it has always been distributed and used in block form: 8oz., 3 lb., 30 lb. or as whipped and spreads in tubs. And while cheaper versions that use oils and other ingredients have come along (that do not classify as true cream cheese), nothing new has even been considered or thought about for cream cheese. Until now!

My first exposure to our Pourable Cream Cheese was many years ago when consulting for Savencia Fromage and Dairy ,it was presented to me as “here... see what you can do with this” and I recall being blown away with the creative potential of this product. Now years later with it finally on the market, I still feel that same sense of amazement and excitement and love getting to see it in the hands of chefs all over the country...

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Rethink Cream Cheese

With Chef Gustavo Romero. Owner and Operator of Nixta Torterilla In Minneapolis MN. Originally from Hidalgo Mexico, Gustavo is an expert in traditional Mexican cuisine and is dedicated to showcasing amazing ingredients and recipes. The following recipes he brings Smithfield Pourable Cream Cheese to life in a totally new and unexpected way, bringing together an innovative ingredient to traditional dishes in a beautiful way.

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To this day, Smithfield produces its cream
cheese in the same place where the original
New Holland, PA factory was built.